Thursday, September 13, 2007

Square #161 from Colorado

This square is from another waiting China adopting family from Centennial, Colorado.
The wish says:
I wish you always:
Happiness to fill your heart
Wisdom to fill your mind and
Confidence in faith to fill your spirit.
May you live your life being your true, authentic self.
-author unknown

Square #160 from Virginia

This square is from Richmond, VA from an adopting family.
The wish says:
A child fills a place in the heart you never knew was empty.

Square #159 from Colorado

This square is from a family in Colorado that is logged into China 6-22-06 AND logged into Vietnam 3-20-07, they're doing 2 adoptions at once since China's wait has gotten so long.
The wish says:
Our wish for you is grace, wisdom, strength, courage, confidence, peace, happiness, and most of all love.

Square #158 from PA

This square is from a family in Pittsburgh, PA that is adopting from China.
The wish says:
If I keep a green bough in my heart,
then the singing bird will come.
-Chinese proverb.
Sending this wish: that you will always keep a song in your heart.

Square #157 from South Jordan, Utah

This square is from my friend, Amy's daughter, Hunter. I have watched her grow up from a little girl to a young lady, wow, how time flies!
The wish says:
Life isn't about how many breaths you take, it's about how many moments in life take your breath away.

Square #156 from South Jordan, Utah

This wish is from my friend, Amy. Her Mom has been my bible study teacher for the past 6 years and Amy was also a part of the bible study.

The wish is really long and I'm not retyping this one. If you want to read it, click on the photo and it should get big enough to read. It's really cool and tells about what and who you are in Christ.

Square #155 from Murray, Utah

This square is from my very dear friend and Bible study teacher of the past 6 years. I just adore her and she's wonderful. For many years she prayed with us through our adoption and has been a very big part of Sarah joining our family.

The wish says:
A very special girl came into our lives at age 1. She had been thought of, dreamed of, planned for, and loved all during that first year when we hadn't even seen her yet. We know God had created the very more special little girl for Mommy & Daddy. Their lives will be forever blessed in having Sarah as their own. And we are blessed to know Sarah and her Mom & Dad.